Catch and Release Soundtrack

Catch and Release Soundtrack

BT and Tommy Stinson
Susannah Grant

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Songs and music found in movie

  • Anoushka Shankar - Raga Madhuvanti (Get In Rupak)
    Raga Madhuvanti (Get In Rupak) Anoushka Shankar
  • Willie Nelson - Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
    Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys Willie Nelson
    Willie Nelson

    Similar to Willie Nelson - Good Hearted Woman

  • Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter - Uncle Jonh's Band
    Uncle Jonh's Band Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter

Catch and Release (Original Motion Picture Score)

Soundtrack and 23 songs from original album are available online. OST album was released in February 07.

Catch and Release (Music from the Motion Picture)

Soundtrack and 17 songs from original album are available online. OST album was released in January 80.

  • Foo Fighters - Razor
    Razor Foo Fighters
    Foo Fighters

    Similar to Foo Fighters - Over and Out

  • The Lemonheads - My Drug Buddy
    My Drug Buddy The Lemonheads
    The Lemonheads

    Similar to The Lemonheads - Rudderless

  • Blinker the Star - A Nest for Two
    A Nest for Two Blinker the Star
    Blinker the Star

    Similar to Blinker The Star - Your Big Night, Sandy!

  • The Magic Numbers - Mornings Eleven
    Mornings Eleven The Magic Numbers
    The Magic Numbers

    Similar to The Magic Numbers - The Mule

  • Gary Jules - Pills
    Pills Gary Jules
    Gary Jules

    Similar to Gary Jules - The Princess of Hollywood Way

  • Steve Durand - Electrified and Ripe
    Electrified and Ripe Steve Durand
  • New Radiant Storm King - The Winding Staircase
    The Winding Staircase New Radiant Storm King
    New Radiant Storm King

    Similar to New Radiant Storm King - Overture

  • Audible - Sky Signal
    Sky Signal Audible

    Similar to Audible - October Song

  • Peter Maclaggen - Leaving The Ground
    Leaving The Ground Peter Maclaggen
  • Joshua Radin - What If You
    What If You Joshua Radin
    Joshua Radin

    Similar to Joshua Radin - Amy's Song

  • Gomez - These 3 Sins
    These 3 Sins Gomez

    Similar to Gomez - Do One

  • Alaska! - Resistance
    Resistance Alaska!

    Similar to Andrew Rodriguez - What I Done

  • Paul Westerberg - Let The Bad Times Roll
    Let The Bad Times Roll Paul Westerberg
    Paul Westerberg

    Similar to Paul Westerberg - Only Lie Worth Telling

  • The Swallows - Turning Blue
    Turning Blue The Swallows
    The Swallows

    Similar to The Fray - Happiness

  • Andrew Rodriguez - What I Done!
    What I Done! Andrew Rodriguez
  • Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body
    Soul Meets Body Death Cab for Cutie
    Death Cab for Cutie

    Similar to Death Cab for Cutie - Summer Skin

  • The Doves - There Goes the Fear
    There Goes the Fear The Doves
    The Doves

    Similar to Doves - Pounding