Knock Knock Soundtrack

Knock Knock Soundtrack

Manuel Riveiro
Eli Roth

Check out Knock Knock soundtrack and 16 songs. Listen all music online. Dive into movie atmosphere again.

Songs and music found in movie

  • Roger Renaud - Cavaleade
    Cavaleade Roger Renaud
  • Les Fits - Daddy Was Wrong
    Daddy Was Wrong Les Fits
  • Goyele - Winter Night
    Winter Night Goyele

    Similar to Burning Bees - Half Inch Punch

  • Kiss - Detroit Rock City
    Detroit Rock City Kiss

    Similar to Kiss - Shout It Out Loud

  • Nowhere - You Never Knew
    You Never Knew Nowhere
  • Jimmy Deer - Soul Wurli Funk
    Soul Wurli Funk Jimmy Deer
  • Emeen Zarookian - Somewhere to Run
    Somewhere to Run Emeen Zarookian
  • Timber Music Supply - Union Street Shuffle
    Union Street Shuffle Timber Music Supply
  • Stefano Mastronardi - Lonely Town
    Lonely Town Stefano Mastronardi
  • Francisca Valenzuela - Prenderemos Fuego al Cielo
    Prenderemos Fuego al Cielo Francisca Valenzuela
    Francisca Valenzuela

    Similar to Javiera Mena - Espada

  • Edith Crash - Casser (Sokio Remix)
    Casser (Sokio Remix) Edith Crash
  • Jumper Joy - Calma Que No
    Calma Que No Jumper Joy
  • Dale Gonyea - We Are Dead
    We Are Dead Dale Gonyea
  • Le Fits - Daddy Was
    Daddy Was Le Fits
  • Sorcery - Talking to the Devil
    Talking to the Devil Sorcery

    Similar to Sorcery - Power Mad

  • Lorenza Izzo - Grandma Belles Song
    Grandma Belles Song Lorenza Izzo
  • Pixies - Where Is My Mind?
    Where Is My Mind? Pixies

    Similar to Pixies - Gigantic

Knock Knock has 1 trailer

Knock Knock (2015) Official Trailer #1

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