Nappily Ever After Soundtrack

Nappily Ever After Soundtrack

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How does this film tackle its message? This is the film fanatic review, bringing you Nappily Ever After starring, Sanaa, Lathan, Ricky, Whittle and Ernie. Hudson. First, we'll tell you what the movie is about and our initial thoughts then we'll move on to our spoiler free likes and dislikes, we'll finish up with some spoiler heavy thoughts on this film, and our final word Nappily Ever After follows a story of a woman who Becomes tired of waiting for her longtime boyfriend to propose and impulsively shaves her prized hair, leading her to discover parts of her life? She never realized were there overall. This was an alright film for a Netflix original, it's better than expected, but unfortunately it feels too generic and really doesn't ever Wow for what I liked about this film. 

Let's start off with the best part, the lead performance, Sanae and Latham takes this character, which should have been a one-dimensional protagonist with body image and self identity issues and makes her more flushed out and relatable. The story hinges on this character that she manages to make her likable and entertaining enough to carry the weight of Mis film, and the story is a decent premise with a feel-good message that tells us that society is toxic to our own perception of our bodies and That we should feel comfortable in our own skin. However, the story fails to deliver on these themes and decides to play it safe. Rather than make bold statements about the issues at hand. This in turn affects the tone of the film, as it jumps between a light-hearted rom-com and a serious drama d, which makes it difficult to invest in. Despite wanting to be about a woman's journey of self-discovery, it becomes oversaturated with wrong comedy Shay's. Further, adding to the confusion of the tone and the rest of the cast outside of Lathan are unmemorable viler as they place stock characters that have absolutely no chemistry with the lead and that's, where I'll end our spoiler free thoughts on this film. If you want to hear our final word or rating of this film pause, now click the link in the description, because now it's time for spoilers no spoilers to talk about for this one. But the best scenes to me where the drunken disaster, the Awkward lunch and the pool party so with the thoughts heard, here's our final word Nappily Ever After is a simple coming-of-age story, disguised as a romantic comedy that tries to say something about beauty standards. While the story is full of cliches and it fails to dive into its themes, the feel-good message of the film is not completely lost thanks to a strong central performance that carries it past the finish line, this film could have been so much more, but unfortunately they fail to find the tone, so I'm going to give Napoli Ever After a 6.

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