Sleepless Soundtrack

Sleepless Soundtrack

Action & Adventure
Michael Kamm & Jaro Messerschmidt
Baran bo Odar

Fighting crime ineffective if you're surrounded by traitors cooperating with criminals. So the protagonist of the thriller, Sleepless knows for sure: Vincent Downs has been serving the police for 13 years. Now he's undercover, deliberately disguising himself as a corrupt cop to find out the names of those who are transmitting information to gangsters.

Trying to convince everyone that he a, Vincent agrees with Sean's partner to order influential people. Men need to attack an armed squad carrying 25 kilos of cocaine. They do it, but they have unexpected consequences.

First, that his drugs were stolen by Vincent, he recognizes Rob Nowak, the faction leader who's eager to return the merchandise. Secondly, the exchange of fire that occurred during the robbery attracts the attention of the internal investigation service. Agent Jennifer Bryant is instructed to find out which of the policemen were involved, which jeopardizes Vincent's work. But the saddest thing is that Novak is ordering a handgun to kidnap down Down's son to blackmail him into forcing a man to return the drugs. If the hero doesn't solve all the problems until morning, his child dies and the career is destroyed.

Songs and music found in movie

  • Run The Jewels - Run the Jewels
    Run the Jewels Run The Jewels
  • Danny Brown - Smokin & Drinkin
    Smokin & Drinkin Danny Brown
    Danny Brown

    Similar to YG - Left, Right (feat. DJ Mustard)

  • Abel Ramos & Albert Neve - Let the Bass Be Louder
    Let the Bass Be Louder Abel Ramos & Albert Neve
  • Steven Cooper - Louder!
    Louder! Steven Cooper
    Steven Cooper

    Similar to Steven Cooper - Be Free

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InSoundtrack music for Sleepless movie

Album contains 2 songs and soundtracks. InSoundtrack music for Sleepless movie album was released in May 17.

  • YG - Left, Right (feat. DJ Mustard)
    Left, Right (feat. DJ Mustard) YG

    Similar to YG - BPT

  • Steven Cooper - Be Free
    Be Free Steven Cooper
    Steven Cooper

    Similar to Steven Cooper - Better Me

Sleepless (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Album contains 24 songs and soundtracks. Sleepless (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album was released in January 17.

Sleepless has 1 trailer

SLEEPLESS - Official Trailer - In Theaters January 13