The Fifth Element Soundtrack

The Fifth Element Soundtrack

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Eric Serra
Luc Besson

The fictional film director Luke Besson, the fifth element, moves us to a distant future with his unpredictable life. One day, the earth was visited by aliens with the highest intelligence and the latest technology. They wanted to protect the planet from the universe of evil, but they only passed the knowledge that had been passed on to the chosen.

This knowledge includes information that every 5,000 years the gates of measurement are opened and the universe of Evil wants to break the harmony, destroying all the planets in their path. However, it is possible to stop evil by four verses of the Earth, including the secret Fifth Element.

It was this fifth element in the form of a beautiful girl named Leela who fell on the head of the taxi driver Korban Dallas. The Korban is entrusted with the mission of rescuing Leeloo and all mankind, although it is not yet clear who will save. A fragile girl is actually a lethal warrior.

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InSoundtrack music for The Fifth Element movie

Soundtrack and 2 songs from original album are available online. OST album was released in May 17.

  • Lionel Richie - Running With the Night
    Running With the Night Lionel Richie
    Lionel Richie

    Similar to Lionel Richie - Dancing on the Ceiling

  • Khaled - El Marsem
    El Marsem Khaled

    Similar to Khaled - Les Ailes

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