The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

John Debney

The greatest showmen features 11 original songs, which make a for around 40 minutes of runtime. This is almost half of the entire film and I think the rest is fading in comparison right from the very first shot. The greatest showmen is filled with big, modern musical numbers, and this is what I love most about it. Hugh Jackman is an all-around showman in real life. He can sing, he can dance, he can play Wolverine, and this film has been a dream project for him. For years, it was written by Jenny, big and Bill Condon, best known for Candyman, farewell to the flesh and many movies like dream. Girls are this year's Beauty and the Beast. The director is less known as this's mica, graces, directorial debut, and maybe the film would have benefited from a more experienced filmmaker because it doesn't all work that well, the story feels kind of rushed. The characters are only very thinly written and the themes and setting could have been more focused as well. 

The great showman is inspired by the life of PT Barnum, who was an American politician, showman businessman and founder of the Barnum & amp Bailey Circus. The film is therefore set in the past and tells the story of how Barnum fulfilled his dream of becoming the greatest showman. But from a biographical standpoint. It covers only a few aspects of Barnum's life, and they took many liberties with it, which is fine, of course, but should be noted. It starts with Barnum still being a small boy, the son of a simple tailor, and yet already dreaming of making it big. He meets charity who belongs to a rich family. They fall in love and with the song, a million dreams. We move from their childhood to the movies present day and the boy turns into a late 40, see Hugh Jackman and the girl who was at the same age into a 10 years younger Michelle Williams, the age gap between Barnum and shout his father shrinks from something Like 40 years to about 10, of course, they make up with some movie magic, but it felt a little bit funny number tha less, but overall the whole song and the transition were quite beautiful. The greatest showman doesn't aim to be a very nuanced biopic, but instead is giant inspirational musical. That will give you a good time at the movies in that regard. It kind of succeeds and the main reason of the song and dance numbers which I really liked. 

11 songs in total, of which two are reprises, the lyrics were written by Ben PASOK and Justin Paul, who won an Oscar for lala land just last year. The music is contemporary and very modern and full of energy and emotions. If you're into pop, you will have a great time, I think I pretty much enjoyed all of them and some even brought me to tears. The texts are rather vague, as often with pop music, but the songs convey a lot of emotions. They are more about big ideas, great longings than they are directly telling a very fleshed out story. The same goes for the whole film, and this is where it get a little bit problematic. For me pretty much all the characters are quite underwritten and the themes themselves. Don't fit into a very interesting narrative either for a long time. I wasn't sure what exactly Barnum's Free were made of. It seemed to boil down to make a great living, having money, a big house showing his father-in-law, that he made it. He wants to bring joy to the people, but I was under the impression that it was more about his own success. Yes to care for his family for sure, but a showman aspect, and especially the idea of giving different people who are considered outcasts by society of voice. It all didn't come together that well at the halfway point, it gets a little bit more into focus that he neglects the ones who made him big and, in the end his arc gets stronger, but it was enough to make it really magnetic. The problem is that the other characters aren't that flash tall either Michelle Williams is just the supporting wife. Zac Efron plays his partner, who builds a stronger connection to the people of their show. At the same time, Jackman's character is drifting more and more away, but it doesn't feel that justified. The main reason must be that he falls in love with Sandhya's character and wheeler, which was a big taboo at the time. But it's love at first sight and basically has no character traits at all. She has been an outsider all her life, but that's it, and this goes for the other members of Barnum show as well. There'S a bearded lady there's a little person, a guy with tattoos all over his body, werewolf like man and so on, but we don't get to know any of them really again, apart from there being different nests. The ideas and themes are there, but the characters seem to be reduced to just that. 

It's very broad and in-your-face and maybe that's the way to go in a big spectacle musical like this, but I would have really liked to do and to those personalities the way the movie unfolds. I was moved by the songs a lot, but not by anything else. In between maybe the best example for this is the character Jenny, Lind played by Rebecca Ferguson, her character has probably the most striking most beautiful song in a movie. Never enough. The moment gave me such goosebumps, but her actual characters, totally bland and just a plot device for Barnum's arc. Their relationship is very superficial and again doesn't convey real emotions. Actually, the question of what's real and what's fake is a theme of the movie, but it gets kind of muddled. The real PT Barnum used hoaxes and deceptions. He claimed, for example, to expose a woman who was over 160 years old, which was, of course, a lie. It was for the show to bring some fantasy and wonder into the lives of the people in the movie version. Paul sparks plays a critic who continuously accuses Barnum of producing fake entertainment, but in the movie pretty much everything is depicted as real, meaning that the outcasts are really what they appear to be. So it's the term fake, just being applied to the grand spectacle. Maybe but I found us to be a little bit confusing, I mean yeah. The spectacle itself was very broad and artificial, but more so because the movie doesn't really delve into its making or its actual realities. All of a sudden they are giant elephants, big stunts and, of course, songs and dances. It's a weird film and kind of a mess. But for me it's a very enjoyable mess and it's hard to raid it with a specific score. I thought the songs were fantastic and the movie had a lot going for it, but in the end it's kind of shallow and extremely underwritten and unfocused and German I'd say the songs ready, Manasi off Kim didn't firm, whose fortune is niched.

I give the greatest showmen. 6 out of 10, it's more like 6.4, but I don't do that, whatever made a difference by being like everyone else, alright is it like always comment below and let me know what you think about the greatest showmen and also, let me know: what's your favorite musical.

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  • Wolfgang Amadeus Amadeus - Così fan tutte, K.588: Overture
    Così fan tutte, K.588: Overture Wolfgang Amadeus Amadeus
    Wolfgang Amadeus Amadeus

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  • Ludwig Van Beethoven - German Dance, WoO 8: No. 10 in D Major
    German Dance, WoO 8: No. 10 in D Major Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Franz Joseph Haydn - String Quartet No. 6 in C Major, Op. 1, No. 6, Hob.III:6, II. Menuet
    String Quartet No. 6 in C Major, Op. 1, No. 6, Hob.III:6, II. Menuet Franz Joseph Haydn
  • Giuseppe Tartini - Violin Sonata in G Minor, Op. 1, No. 10 "Didone Abbandonata": II. Allegro Commodo
    Violin Sonata in G Minor, Op. 1, No. 10 "Didone Abbandonata": II. Allegro Commodo Giuseppe Tartini

This is Me (From "the Greatest Showman") - Single

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  • Peter Johnston - This is Me (From "the Greatest Showman")
    This is Me (From "the Greatest Showman") Peter Johnston

Asi Soy - Single

Soundtrack and 1 songs from original album are available online. OST album was released in December 17.

The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Soundtrack and 11 songs from original album are available online. OST album was released in December 17.

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