The Magnificent Seven Soundtrack

The Magnificent Seven Soundtrack

Simon Franglen & James Horner
Antoine Fuqua

The theme of the seven heroes, who decided to contribute to the triumph of justice in our mortal world, first appeared in the distant 1954, when a known Akira Kurosawa released backwards "Seven Samurai". Six years later the Magnificent Seven was released, a remake of which is the novelty. The story center turns out to be a wandering cowboy, Sam, who is called to help the grief-stricken girl Emma Cullen. She tells the hero that there are violent bandits in her home settlement, who not only kick people out of their homes, but also slaughter them like cattle. Emma asks Sam to help revenge he for the death of his relatives and to save the people who have not died. The man agrees to deal with the bandits, but decides to assemble a team of like-minded men for this purpose, despite his own shooting skills and strategic location of mind, he will not be able to defeat the armed Mini Army alone.

The bounty hunter travels around the neighborhood, gradually gathering his team: Josh Farradeja's gambling, sniper Robicheaux, the Hunter Jack Horne, bounty hunter Billy Roca, the criminal Vasquez and Indian-Comanche red. Lost family Emma promises to men a good money if they take care of the leader of the violent bandits Bartholomew Boag, but it gradually turns out that the heroes are not fighting for money, but for something more...

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The Magnificent Seven (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Soundtrack and 26 songs from original album are available online. OST album was released in September 16.