Wild Rose Soundtrack

Wild Rose Soundtrack

Jack C. Arnold

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Today, I am talking about Wild Rose, directed by Tom Harper, starring, Julie, Walters and Jesse Buckley. Wild Rose tells the story of a Glaswegian musician looking to make it big over in Nashville, because she's a country singer, not a country and folk-singer, apparently they're two Separate things just a country singer, so the movie is actually marketed as being kind of drama. Struggling the journey of Jesse Buckley's karats of Rose actually tries to become a famous country musician over in America. She has some things to contest with at home. Know she's got her two children who absolutely hated because she's you've spent a year in prison and also her unimpressive mother played by Julie Walters, who feels that she should probably set aside her dream of focus on raising her kids. It has everything to be kind of like a really compelling dramatic story, but for me it just kind of fell a little bit flat.

The movie was not what I expected it to be if you're going into this movie kind of expecting something along the lines of a star is born you're, going to be sorely disappointed. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing. If it was just kind of like a British remake of a star is born, the film would suck it's going for something slightly different. I'M I just kind of think it falls a little bit flat on what it's trying to do, though now don't get me wrong. The cast in the movie is absolutely incredible: Jesse Buckley, as Rose, is absolutely brilliant, and she does all around singing. She has an absolutely amazing voice and her writing is completely top-notch as well, but I think maybe at times she played her character too. Well, at the beginning, when you're introduced her she's kind of bit of a despicable human being, a bit strong forward, but she's not great and considering she's the protagonist at the movie you're, not really on her side at all, and she kind of played.

That sort of just being a bit of his so well that by the end of the movie, this journey that she's been on. Where else obviously she's supposed to sort of grow and change, I didn't feel that she was deserving of the outcome. I thought she was so much of a that she did deserve the ending that she got, and maybe that's just me, maybe over other people feel that the journey the character art that she went on was enough. But for me it just wasn't there. It kind of started off going in the right direction, but then the film sort of lagged too long around certain parts and then it kind of lost half an hour's felt very, very rushed. The emotional punch to the chest.

The rose as a character goes through just was very rushed and it didn't feel right. It didn't feel it just who feel like it was there and, as I said, because she's such an in the beginning, I just didn't feel that the character sort of deserved, where, where she ended up to me at the end of the movie Julie Walters. As always, absolutely incredible plain of roses mum I mean: what can you say about Julie of all? Is she pretty many smashes it in everything that she's in? Is she like? She classes a national treasure yet because, if she isn't that she definitely should be, I can't really go into too much supposed to sigh most memories. I can't really go into too much detail about spoiler London to the story for you, just as I said for me. There was a there was a lot of buildups. I just, I didn't believe the payoff at the end, I didn't feel that the character deserved the payoff at the end of it, there were some actions done by some other characters.

She meets someone along the way, who is a kind of makes it their mission to try to help her achieve her dreams. I know there are people like that out in the world. It just kind of felt a bit of random, though like wow she's looked out, but it was more like this is convenient for the plot and it felt that it was convenient for the plot, as opposed to oh well, she's looked out here there we Go as I said, the performances for out were absolutely amazing. I just felt the story was a bit lacking, definitely rushed. They were spent too much time building up to something, and then the ending was completely rushed, didn't feel that any character deserve to be where they were at the end of it. So I guess, in order to give this film a rating,

I am gon na, give it a 6. As I said, pretty good, solid performances in there. It's just the movie itself. Wasn't great cheers watching guys, just a quick one today have you seen Wild Rose? If you have, let me know down in the comments down below when it's on TV definitely reckon we're checking it out, but you know I personally wouldn't go to the cinema and pay to see it until next time guys take care of you.

Wild Rose (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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