Ani Difranco

Ani Difranco

Ani DiFranco was born in 1970 in Buffalo, New York, USA. Ani DiFranco married Michael Napolitano in 2009, they have 1 child. Ani DiFranco married Andrew Gilchrist in 1998. Ani DiFranco played in 1 movies.

Ani Difranco songs featured in 2 movies: Remember Me, Lady Bird

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  • Ani Difranco - Soft Shoulder
    Soft Shoulder Ani Difranco
    Ani Difranco

    Similar to Ani DiFranco - Wish I May

    Song was listened by 1 people. Most of listeners are from Russia.

  • Ani Difranco - Little Plastic Castle
    Little Plastic Castle Ani Difranco

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