A Star Is Born Soundtrack

A Star Is Born Soundtrack

Lady Gaga

Just spent some time for listening A Star Is Born soundtrack that has 45 songs and 1 official albums from the movie.

So A Star Is Born stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, directed by Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper plays a famous musician. He meets Lady Gaga's character. She writes music. She has a great voice, but she's kind of shy. She's, like I, don't want to put myself out there so during one of his concerts he invites her on stage she crushes it so from there the things build, their relationship builds, her career starts building and we're there front row, seat, front and center to say it. All the performances are great Bradley Cooper crushes her. It doesn't surprise me when he does anymore. Dude is just top-notch she's a great comedic actor he's a great dramatic actor and he's great in this movie.

Also, a great director came out the gate swinging on this one. Lady Gaga also great, I love Lady Gaga's career. I just do you know sometimes when the singer wants to be an actor and you're like alright, stick to sing and not the case with Lady Gaga, I'm glad she can give us good music and good performances. She might get an Oscar nomination here. I don't know cuz, I'm not good at predicting Oscars, also speaking of music, the music, an alright. I guess I'm now going to jump on the hypothesising academy stuff that the music in here is. I really like the soundtrack. If this movie gets any Oscar recognition whatsoever, music has to be part of that conversation.

A music itself was just an array of emotions that I really done, but even the supporting cast surprised me. Oh, I see a few comics in here. A few comedians. You might or will recognize Dave, Chappelle and Andrew Dice Clay are both in this movie. I didn't recognize Andrew Dice Clay for the longest time, so I was like usually when I see Andrew Dice Clay. He looks like that. He looks like the 80s just sneezes, someone out in modern day. It doesn't look like that in this movie looks like a normal dude plays Lady Gaga's father he's not in the movie much, but I thought he was good for what he did same with Dave Chappelle.

He's in like a scene in the movie, but for what he did, I'm glad that they're flexing their dramatic muscles. One of the other reasons I like this movies people, glamorize the fantasy of dating a famous person yeah granted dating this famous person, actually helps her out was professionally speaking, but one she wasn't looking for that, but also to just personally it's different. This movie does show that generally artists, they're damaged people, it's not gon na be the joyride, you might expect, doesn't mean, there's not love, there doesn't mean, there's not passion, there means there's drama there, and one of the great takeaways from this movie that I personally had Is how it shows when you rise in Fame, and there are more moving parts to that machine, it's harder to maintain the integrity of your vision and voice. I don't I just really like that point. Is this movie hits a very pleasing, try Fecteau, if you want to see a movie about a famous person, who's a bit of a rack who's in the wake of their fame? You haven't.

If you want to see movie about someone who's starting to rise in fame, you have it. If you want to see a movie about a relationship between these two people and all the drama that comes with it, you have it and all the laughs, Joey tears awkward moments. Oh really well executed in those movies movies, heavy for sure it's just a heavy drama. So, depending on your phase in life and where you are, you got to be in it for that. If you're like I'm, not in the mood for drama, I want to see venom. You should probably see venom, but if you want to see a heavy messy, yet beautiful love story about love and fame, will you have A Star Is Born? This is one of my favorite movies of the year, if not one of my favorite emotionally heavy movies of the year. What does it hit me - and I will say a star is born - is awesome, tacular, alright. So what star is born? Have you seen it? What did you think about it? What's your favorite drama about a relationship whatever it is, whatever you think comment below, let me know.

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A Star Is Born Soundtrack

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