Acrimony Soundtrack

Acrimony Soundtrack

Christopher Lennertz

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Today I'm gon na be reviewing Acrimony, which is written directed by Tyler Perry and it starts taraji, P. Henson and his centers around the relationship of Robert and Melinda, and basically you see in the beginning of the movie that clearly there is tension between the two and some issues went down over the years. And so you see that he sentences her to therapy. And so as the therapist is trying to understand why she has the feelings that she has now, and she basically goes through their relationship from beginning to catch us up to the present, and so that's pretty much the major focus of the entire film. So you know I always got to start with something positive. I will say that for this movie, I enjoyed it more than what I thought I was going to I'm not a huge fan of Tyler Perry's recent work. I, like some of his older films that worry of a Mad Black Woman, is a movie that I can still watch and enjoy, but I really enjoyed this more than when I thought it was gon na be, but it's still one good though, but I saw progress. I saw a step in the right direction, okay, and so also too, I will say that I, like that it kind of has it's not a theme that they preach about a really show, but I did like how you can see how, since Milton illness, isn't something? That'S talked about a lot, especially with an african-american community, and how because we don't deal with you know some issues that we have, especially in childhood when people realize like yeah, you look crazy, but you know it's. Okay, that's just normal! That's how you know! That's how yo people's were you notice?

It shows you like if you don't seek help or if you don't go talk to someone to help. You sort out your emotions in you know a positive and adult way. You know how they can get you in trouble. You know, as you go through serious issues throughout the course of your life, and so that's pretty much all the positive that I have to say this movie just wasn't good. You guys like it was better than what I thought it was gon na be you know I was kind of interested. You know I liked watching the story of what happened between the two of them but, as I said, I didn't meet an hour and a half on why Robert wasn't ish. Now, when the story kind of changes - and you kind of see what happens like after they hit like that - that this is the final straw like then it gets kind of interesting, because the movie goes in a different direction than what she thought it was going to Be and it's not how you said when you watch the preview, you pretty much have the movie sound of like okay. I know what's gon na happen, no, it's not like that, but also to like the third act in the movie like I was just like. This is too much yeah this, like it's real over-the-top and how he is it's just super abrupt. I was just like damn the movie's over already like you're, not gon na, explain that this it was just boom in rights. Alright, we were like what like we. You can't give us 60 seconds of white. You know some type of what happened. No, maybe no. They don't do that, and so it's just like the movie just wasn't good like it's.

It's nothing spectacular. I honestly feel like if you like, Tyler Perry, movies, you're gon na love this you know. I think that this is some of his best work and if you hate his movies kind of like I do their most recent movies, you're gon na be like this movie was trashed, but it was funny it was like funny trash you. Probably people was laughing. I think I enjoyed it a little bit more cuz, all the commentary person was gassing like and that's just like girl, okay, like we get it, but like we watching the movie chill out people talk to the screens and stuff. So I think that's why I had like a different reaction to it. Wasn'T as negative. I didn't walk out feeling like I wasted my life and my money, but I would never watch this movie again either. So for me, it's gon na be a wait. It's gon na be a wait. He took a step, a step like a big step like happy now you gon na say it felt like a half a step in the right direction, but it still just wasn't good. He still, but you know what I respect: Tyler Perry's hustle. I might now like his recent work. I respect his hustle. He knows who his audience is. He has a loyal fan base. We know that they gon na see this movie a hell. The movie might even be number one and Betar a ready player, one which is a better movie, but you just never know it's Easter weekend. People gon na have on a Sunday best and they gon na go watch the new Tyler Perry film yeah. So don't underestimate him, but I also feel like you can tell that while is crazy, that they filmed this in less than 10 days and taraji. I think she sold her piece and five to eight days in between filming for Empire. That's that green screen. I can tell you that they filmed in a green screen for a couple of scenes. You know exactly what I'm talking about and I was white Tyler. You can put a little bit more coins and that make it look like it was a green screen. I was just like: do better Tyler just do better, you can say your coins. I still make money. It'S still have you look a certain type of way don't be like skipping corners, okay, but yeah. Those are my thoughts on acrimony.

Songs and music found in movie

  • Nina Simone - I Put a Spell On You
    I Put a Spell On You Nina Simone
  • Nina Simone - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
    Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Nina Simone
  • Yuki Tanki - Baroque Adagio
    Baroque Adagio Yuki Tanki
  • Nina Simone - I Loves You Porgy
    I Loves You Porgy Nina Simone
  • Nina Simone - Turn Me On
    Turn Me On Nina Simone
  • Nina Simone - You've Got to Learn
    You've Got to Learn Nina Simone
  • Nina Simone - See-Line Woman
    See-Line Woman Nina Simone
  • Nina Simone - Consummation
    Consummation Nina Simone
  • Nina Simone - Wild Is the Wind
    Wild Is the Wind Nina Simone
  • Nina Simone - Blues for Mama
    Blues for Mama Nina Simone
  • SKOOTER MAC  - Why Can't I Be Your Man?
    Why Can't I Be Your Man? SKOOTER MAC
  • Nina Simone - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
    I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free Nina Simone
  • Andra Day - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free (From Tyler Perry's "Acrimony")
    I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free (From Tyler Perry's "Acrimony") Andra Day

Acrimony has 1 trailer

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (2018 Movie) Official Trailer – Taraji P. Henson

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