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Aladdin Soundtrack

Alan Menkin

So CGI Genie looked like he did in the trailer. That's why, when people are like well there's time for them to fix the CGI and trailers they don't, I seen them fixed CGI a couple times between the trailer and movie release, but generally that's what they have. As is the case with CGI genie, so let's review a lot in 2019.

Aladdin movie soundtrack includes 48 songs and 2 official albums. 

So Aladdin again, so this Aladdin is Disney's live-action remake of Disney's animated classic Aladdin. It's directed by Guy Ritchie, which I thought was kind of strange call. Then, after watching the movie, I was like that was kind of strange call in parts I almost feel like. I don't have to describe what Aladdin's about you know what Aladdin's about we've all seen Aladdin right come on. Let's just save time and move on, which is basically, I feel like what this movie did initially like the first act of this movie kind of set my tone. While I was watching it because the first act — just it's really fast, just blows by everything, not only just a montage through the setup, I feel like this movie is basically doing what I just did with you. It's assuming you know the story of Aladdin. 

I just do the song baby and then it's going through Agrabah, totally montages right past, the first guy who goes into the cave of Wonders and dies. You see it, but it's like montage is right. Past it in the song didn't end up with Jasmine, and she's. Already escaped the palace, and she's hanging out in Agrabah with the commoners may seem logical to blow past those moments in the movie because, hey we all know who these people are. We all know how it went down, but those are character, building moments. It sets up the world that sets up the characters, who sets up some motivations. Even the Cave of Wonders doesn't talk like he does in the animation like its mouth is just totally open just like enter here. It would have looked cool to have the live-action Cave of Wonders, actually move its mouth when it talked when I get it doesn't have to it's magical. Even some acting with some extras are just one dude. In particular, I was like that's got, ta, be a stage actor the stage acting you have to project and everything's, more exaggerating, because people in the back need to hear you this guy's talking like that he's like the people — and I was like don't talk like that. It doesn't translate. Well, the film people don't talk like that in real life, so I felt like I was in for a mess with this movie, but when he gets down to it, Will Smith Jeannie, like I said the CGI, it looks like it did in the trailer to me. 

So moving past that it's really hard not to compare him to Robin Williams genie, just like it's really hard to not compare this movie to the animation cuz. This is a translation of that. So you do have to compare them at some capacity. Will Smith does try to do his own thing and when he does try to have that snappy dialogue and it looks like he's having ad-lib moments, it doesn't really work out for me. I don't know if it was scripted or it is sadly and then, when he was Will Smith, which is when he drops the whole CGI genie thing, and he's actually Will Smith. You know the Will Smith on the cover of Entertainment, Weekly that miss people off. So does the Jimmy? That's not the Jamie he's, actually quite charismatic, because Will Smith is indeed charismatic. Ian Aladdin actually do have chemistry together. I enjoy him in that form. There'S actually an unexpected side thing happening where the genie kind of has a crush on princess, Jasmine's handmaiden, and when he's talking with her, I was laughing when Aladdin's, trying to impress Jasmine, and he's bombing out and Will Smith genie is just like reacting to it. I was laughing. I was thoroughly entertained in those scenes when the movie actually branches off and does its own thing. I've enjoyed it when it tries to emulate what happened before and it just does it in a way: that's not as good or effective as the original animation. By original, I mean the Disney Animation know, the story of Aladdin is older than the Disney Animation. You know what I'm saying the Disney animation just did that better. I did like some song and dance numbers and the capacity like I like seeing it come to life. CGI live, but it was cool. It was entertaining. It was good to see that stuff, like it's a different form of it, but I feel like you, can get that stuff on YouTube that doesn't make for a good movie. How was hot Jafar I'd, I mean hot Jafar was fine, but I'd like him. When he's older, creepier Jafar, like Iago talks, but Iago, isn't really a character, he says a couple things but like he had personality gilbert godfree's voice as a Yago. I remember he was. He was a legit supporting character in this movie. Iago says a couple things. Usually it's the obvious and is he's not gon na stand out. He doesn't stand out at all, so I even had him talk. Also, the climax of the original movie had like a time limit, because jasmine was trapped in an hourglass. It was like oh she's, gon na die, Jafar turns into a big snake.

That kind of intensity is not in this movie. I mean there is an action scene that happens, but you don't feel like Jasmine's gon na suffocate and die in sand. So it's just the animation bit of better when Jafar is the sorcerer, though it shows that he has the ability to smack his staff on the ground and teleport anyone to him immediately. What is there was a part that would have been really advantageous for him. To remember that he had that ability, but I guess he just forgot there also some parts where it was like weirdly fast-forwarding through some musical sequences instead of like Dan turned. Those are my moves. It was like dan turned dieter, it's just weird. That's when I was like Guy Ritchie was the best call so guys in the end there's a Latin live-action movie. It is a mixed bag for sure the movie and it's editing and execution felt rushed. It felt like this movie was actually supposed to be a half an hour longer than it ended up being, which made it feel really rushed and really sloppy. But that's such a common gripe. I have in Guy Ritchie movies these days. I guess that's just how he makes them and it wasn't always in the editing. Sometimes it was in just the lines of dialogue and delivery. The lack of dramatic pause was baffling but tried to take some themes of the animated Aladdin to deeper levels. It'S like they dabbled a toe into the possibility of taking it deeper, and they were like avid, I mean we're dabbling. The spectacle was fun to see. I thought: Will Smith worked as a genie? Of course, no one's gon na replace Robin Williams, but did he do well in his own right? Yes, especially when he's Will Smith rather than the blue CGI Jamie, I feel like it'd, be fun for families to be like. Alright, let's see how a different team will do it, but if anyone's going okay, this live-action Aladdin's two hours, long, the animated ones about an hour and a half. So this live actually wants 33 % longer than the animated Aladdin. It doesn't have 33 % content, weight or gravity to anything or anyone in a weird way.

I am interested in return of Jafar like if they make a sequel, it would be return of Jafar right. I remember that animation sucking. I saw it once when I was a kid, but even as a kid, I was like ass, not that good, but if they do make a live-action return of Jafar, a sequel to this movie, I feel, like they'd, have more freedom to do their own thing, because People aren't so attached to that, so they could actually make it pretty cool the weird way, I'm looking forward to the possibility of that happening. In the end, I will say a live-action Aladdin, probably a better time if you're, drunk yeah and now it's a party comments-section dude yeah, I've already looked online to see what people thought, and they were out the premiere and it looks like everybody loves this movie. More than I do so it might be a little brutal. So if you like this video, if you could push the like button, that would help me out, because you have been pushing the like button and it has been helping me out big-time. I appreciate you guys helping me out in a world of the YouTube algorithm all right, so the live-action Aladdin movie.

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