The Mummy Soundtrack

The Mummy Soundtrack

Brian Tyler

During the fighting in Africa, soldiers are searching for the tomb of the ancient Queen of Egypt. They're loading this ancient artifact onto a plane with a number of officers. The anger of the ancient Egyptian kings is on the fateful of the military. The plane is crashing. Survivors of the curse are found in the hospital. But now the mummy decides to visit a city whose territory was rightfully hers. But now the cities are built and the Outsiders live. Pharaoh's daughter is planning to regain her sacred land. The magical power of several generations of sorcerers is concentrated in her hands. In the Allies, she has relatives who died several hundred years ago.

Before entering the lair of the Egyptian princess, people were shocked that their opponent's base was completely dead. Before they came here, no one could ever visit. But apparently, there are bossed guests. More precisely, the real masters of this land. Enraged the future Queen decided to claim her rights to the board. And although nobody wants to let her do that, a dead girl has her own methods of influence. And she can't be disturbed by practically anyone. Only the protagonist and several of his companions want to find a way to sharpen the aroused evil back into the pyramid.

A few thousand years ago, the princess was shackled into this tomb. She died in the prime of her power. The girl was Palace a conspiracy in which her younger sister got power. While she was dying, she was able to put a curse on her burial site. Whoever opens it and worries about a long dream will be punished. Besides, she wants to find the tomb of her sister. The blood feud will be implemented over the long years. But first we have to regain power and influence in the state.

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  • Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead
    Bang Bang You're Dead Dirty Pretty Things
    Dirty Pretty Things

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  • Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot
    I Predict a Riot Kaiser Chiefs
    Kaiser Chiefs

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The Mummy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]

Soundtrack and 36 songs from original album are available online. OST album was released in June 17.

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The Mummy Official Trailer - Teaser (2017) - Tom Cruise Movie
The Mummy - Official Trailer (HD)
The Mummy - Official Trailer #2 [HD]
The Mummy - Official Trailer #3 [HD]

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