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I get it I'm a little late on this review. I actually meant to put this review out yesterday. Today we're talking about the semi brand-new Danny Boyle film Yesterday very excited to talk about this. I need you guys in the comments down below a lot of people. Have seen at the people who are going to see it, so I want you guys to, let me know, did you enjoy it? Did you not like it? Were you underwhelmed and let's talk about Yesterday today, not tomorrow, so a struggling musician realizes he's the only person on earth who can remember the Beatles after waking up in an alternate timeline where they never existed. So, as you guys can tell very interesting premise with this, when I saw the trailer absolutely loved it, Danny Boyle is a very inventive filmmaker he's, always changing the game, always doing something new and different and progressive, and I really enjoy that his movies are a bit Obscure now and then, but his style really works for me. So yesterday, you've got the talent. You've got people on screen who just Lily James first off she's the best I think, she's one of the best actresses in the business and then Hamish Patel never really seen the guy before so.

I was interested to see where he could go with this and, let's start with the talent in this film, he is so good. His character is just so interesting and you can feel the struggle. So you look at the fact that the Beatles their music doesn't exist. He's living in this world where things not just that and I don't want to spoil anything, but he's typing them in on Google - and oh this isn't a thing. This isn't a thing: what happened? How did this happens, and that's one thing I was lacking a bit in the movie - is getting answers on. Why or how or what was the point in the first place. But okay, you have that really cool thing that I think Danny Boyle, just thought of and said: hey. We don't need to give you guys answers. Let'S just give you guys an interesting movie, and you know what I did find this movie quite interesting, and I was thoroughly entertained for the most part. I'M not gon na sit back and say: oh it's one of the best movies I've seen all year, but there's a lot of stuff in there to love and the chemistry between James and Patel. It's the best. I mean you can just feel how much they care about each other, and even though it is a bit predictor where their story line and the story line in general goes it's not about the destination. I always say that with a movie like this, it's all about the journey. If the journeys good, even though it's predictable, it still pays off as a film and I enjoyed this journey and the best thing about the movie is the internal struggle. Knowing that you're, the only one who can remember and that's part of the process right trying to remember these songs, getting the words right and I love how they showcased that in the movie he doesn't just. Oh, I remember this song and every word to know he has to sit and think and there's a struggle involved and I really enjoyed that process. But it's not just about him. Performing these songs and oh I'm, a superstar of a rock star.

There's going to be conflict there, because you're living in this crazy world right, you feel like you're, going insane you're the only one. As far as you know, the only one that can remember this music, not that the actual people didn't exist, but the band The Beatles. No one can remember where this came from and as the story progresses, you can feel that internal struggle. That'S what I wanted to feel out of this film. I wanted to emotionally connect with this main character and go along with him on this journey, and you do he's the focus the entire time now. Now and then the film feels a bit choppy, not because of the editing style necessarily, but there were a few cuts in there. I'M like I could have done without this, and maybe that maybe you highlighted a bit too much over certain scenes that maybe could have felt more fleshed out. I wanted a bit more fleshing out of not just our main character, but our side players maybe flush out their stories. A bit more edge. Sheeran was in this film and he was very good. He was subtle. He was reserved he kind of acted like he didn't realize, so he didn't have to do a ton of acting, but as far as ed Sheeran goes being in a movie yeah, he was very good. I liked the companionship between those two characters and really the companionships in general.

He has a friend who is just great so supportive in the movie he's not the cliche and predictable character that you expect him to be in the beginning. No, he adds a lot to this story. Joel Frye, you're going places man. You were so good in this film now one major issue that I had in this movie and I've been seeing this complaint elsewhere, but I just I couldn't help but to feel taken out of the film a bit is Kate McKinnon, who I normally like. I think she's hilarious - she just took me out of this movie because she was so far over the top there's one scene where she literally screams and the way she can towards her face. I'M like this is a Saturday Night Live skit, there's no way. She is. This serious character that she is supposed to be. She was just way too much for me. I think it was just a Miss cast or it was the directing I kind of fought Danny Boyle for because he should have taken that character in a different direction. Kate McKinney, I believe she has the chops I've seen it before, but in this film she did not work. For me, there were other side players that come in, and they go out. You don't learn enough about them, and I know the focus has to be on how her lead, and he was like. I said wonderful in this film, but there were just certain elements of this story that I wanted to come together more than they actually did and at the end of the day. Because of that I can say I really enjoyed music and songs for Yesterday movie, and even though I can't call it a great movie or as good as I wanted it to be, it was still really solid as someone who enjoys the Beatles music. Absolutely maybe I wanted to hear a few more songs in their like okay, I want this Beatles song. I want this Beatles song, you don't get that and if you're a massive fan of the Beatles like head over heels for them, like my wife, is I'm interested to hear where you're coming from and what your perspective is on this movie. Did it deliver on that fact as a major Beatles fan, but for me I was entertaining because of that I'm gon na go a solid 70 % for Yesterday thoroughly enjoy the movie like. I said, and I want to hear your thoughts down below.

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