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Blockers Soundtrack

Mateo Messina

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But anything if prom night in American Pie resulted in pregnancy, which we know it didn't, but if it did and the crew from American Pie could have kids that are old enough now to go to prom. That'S the kids from American Pie would be old enough to be the parents and Blockers Matt's making you feel old. I know Blockers is called Blockers. Blockers is called Blockers. The title is blockers, but it has that in the title is blockers, but it has that in front of it, which is a clever way of getting around the head. So Blockers is essentially the hole we want to lose our virginity at prom story: high school teen sex comedy we've seen it a hundred times before in Blockers. It's a group of three friends that want to lose their virginity on prom night and the parents get wind of this. They start freaking out, so they wan na you know block them. Now we have a movie of a night of shenanigan and I want to give props to the cast in this movie they're, three friends. It was, I didn't even think about how they worked together so well. Chemistry and movies is a funny thing when it sucks. It's obvious when it works really. Well, you almost don't notice it because it's so organically flows. Kinda, like you notice, you don't usually notice the visual effects in a movie unless they saw visual effects. You're used all the time and when they're good, you don't notice that they're even being used.

Some people now are like CGI, stop bad CGI sucks and it's noticeable. That's how chemistry is and that's how it is with this crew. This crew, so organically feels like best friends. I wouldn't be surprised if they're actually best friends in real life unlikely, I'm saying they were all really great. They didn't overdo it. There weren't cartoon versions of themselves. You just felt like three girls are hanging out in high school. Maybe you want to get some ass tonight. Who knows that's for the parents, the standout was this dude. This dude you've seen a lot of things, including the best movie of all time Suicide Squad owning it at this point, this dude's this show stealer he's the one I remember in this movie because he's that character, that just sticks with you in a comedy at least A comedy based around family, as always that friend, whose kind of a burnout doesn't have his together, but damn it he's the funniest one to watch on screen, but he's also the one you don't want. As a Facebook friend Leslie Mann's really good, we've seen her in comedies, but I know her from so you know she has it Johnson there's the one I want to talk about, because very rarely does someone whose known for you know physique. Oh, you know what I want to go acting and I'm gon na go straight to comedy. Usually they blow up and then end up being comedies later down the road he's like out the gate. I want to do comedy and generally he does good in the movie. What I love most about this movie is how they deal with it, how they address it, it being sect the movies very self-aware. It comes from a very current angle. You know comedies like this. Thus far we have the parents are, like my kids aren't getting sex tonight. That's a parent!

That's like the dad from 10 Things. I Hate About You as how parents are supposed to react right and some do act this way. Is it normal, not a knee-jerk reaction? Sure, but follow-through that's where insanity comes in its kind of nuts. This movie deals with that. It addresses that. I also like the fact that it's set apart from other comedies like this, in the sense that most comedies, that have this premise are like well. Sex is the end game that's what we're going for, that is the goal sex for the sake of sex. This movie treats it a little differently like sex, is an action, but that's not what else is there movie feels more layered than most those movies? With this premise anyway — and this movie had me laughing — I was never in tears or definitely movies. I have laughed harder in lately, probably not a girls trip that one was pretty hysterical, but this movie definitely did have the laughs. Bummer is so did the trailer a couple of the big left's you can tell. They were like all right. This is our ace in the hole gon na save this for the movie, but we're also gon na show it in the trailer when it was coming. It was building and I knew what was coming sure enough. It happened. I was like guys on the trailer. You don't want to spoil the funniest moments in the trailer, but comedies usually do that. There'S tough line to walk for comedies. You got to sell the movie in the trailer you do that by showing funny stuff. How much is too much the trailer for this movie did. I think across the line of it and some editing was choppy in parts.

One scene in particular not gon na spoil it for you, but it does have to do with lights being out. It's very dark, and I was like there is no way anyone can get out of this scenario very next scene, they're rolling down the street like oh man, that was crazy, like how did you get out of that? I guess we'll never know. Maybe the cutting room floor has something will show in the Blu-ray, but in the end, with Blockers I had a good time. It's not just that. It was a pretty funny movie by the end of this movie. I was like this movie had a lot of heart. That's where I feel the payoff is, if a scene supposed to make you laugh, maybe it doesn't lessor sentimentality as a backup. The first act is a bit choppy as it tries to get going, but once it does get going, it is a good time. No alcoholics wire. What anything is when I reflect on the demographic, these movies meant for it's obviously geared for teenagers and their parents, but I feel like it does aim towards the parents more just keep that in mind, alright, so Blockers, which is actually called Blockers, but they can't say Blockers on the poster, so we do have an icon. Have you seen it? What did you think about it? Whatever you thought comment below,

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